The birthplace of Villa culture

Como!! The lake and the villas.

On the northern tip of Italy, bordering Switzerland lies little gem of a town named Como. Founded by romans, today the town's claim to fame is the beautiful lake como and the spectacular villas that have served as the playground of rich and famous for longer than one can remember. Como is full of old world charm and naturally slides any visitor into a calm rhythm of life. One can spend days after days just leisurely walking interspersed with fabulous meals. Of course the wine leaves no room for complaining and one quickly understands why fiesta and siesta is such a big deal in Italy.

The town hosts many weddings including a few Indian weddings. Were it not for the lack of bigger five star hotels, Como could have been one of the best destinations for Indian weddings. But for a guest list of up to a few hundred there are plenty of options. Agreed, that it is difficult to look at Villa-de-Esta's gardens and then stay someplace else, but 67 rooms of this iconic property can barely accommodate the immediate family of bride and groom so there is no escaping short bus rides to and from other hotels. After all if Isha Ambani's engagement ceremony with a junket of Bollywood can happen in Como then given a little flexibility anyone can have their dream wedding in this hotspot of rich and famous. Oh and as you will notice on a trip to Como, you can not NOT know that George Clooney has a home in como. Want to have a vibrant party like he did? Give us a shout.