Most prolific wedding venue in Switzerland

Montreux, the small town on lake Geneva shoreline that boasts the highest number of Indian weddings as well as the most famous bollywood wedding that almost happened here but then didn't.

The town immortalized in famous Deep Purple song "Smoke on the water" continues to attract finest musicians from all over the world for its annual Montreux Zazz Festival. But when you go there, you can't help but notice that it is none other than Freddy Mercury who seems to own the town and continues to be its unofficial brand ambassador decades after his passing. And it is not just the music that seems to uplift everybody's spirit in this town, the spirit itself, or should we say the wine, is in no short supply. The landscape around the town is dotted with vineyards producing some of the finest Swiss wine. Add to that the fine cuisine and the proximity to some of the best cheese producing regions of Switzerland, and very little is left to be desired.

So wining and dining is sorted, but that's not what the Luxury Indian Weddings are all about. They are demanding events in terms of logistics, infrastructure, hospitality and pretty much everything else. But again Montreux aces all these challenges with excellent venues and hotels as well as logistics and technical expertise that is available at scale. Geneva is just an hours drive or a boat ride away and has direct flights to all major cities of the world as well as to Delhi and Mumbai. As event planners behind some of the biggest weddings in Switzerland we think Montreux has a lot going for it. No wonder it continues to host Indian weddings with more regularity than any other place in Switzerland.